S – SensationĀ 

I’ve always known, a
Dauntless healer, my heart.
I hear a Beast howling,
My spirit desires to soothe
You, now be.
I become what is
Written, effortlessly.
So does he, and the
Cornered woman
Over there, as well.
Don’t suppress. Write truth
Willingly, and man
Will fall to their knees.
Expecting to see your soul,
Words active. Living.
Intoxicating intentions, yours.


One day he’ll return with shadows
Another tenebrous path travelled
Carrying what he witnessed, as proof.
Upon his stoic face and disheveled hair
He offers, insight to pain that lingers

She’ll guide, with an air of tranquility
And with the touch of her warm hand
So he may return to his appendages
Left in her care, a guard on sacred land

His weakened back holds exhaustion
A celestial stretch moving his limbs,
Proof of his immortal strength, passion
He rests shoulders upon steal pinions.

Feathers quaver, show fine onyx wings
His flesh returns, breathing tempers
Eyes open, now the colors of heaven
While his spirit continues to reenter

No different from journeys past
Of which there are, and will always be
Travel logs full of omnipotent distance
For he protects us all, yes, willingly

The tempo of their embrace will matter
Most of all. Echos of the time they lose
Forgotten. As the hum of his battle cry
Quiets. And their love begins to soothe

Next Time


Simple poetry,
My prayer, floating free,
Shall work harder,
And stand well enough,
In hopes,
To receive you,
Next time…

A huge thank you to my blogging loyals today, yesterday and tomorrow. Y’all truly make my day with your consistent support. I couldn’t write poetry without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I appreciate your understanding, if you haven’t seen me around your blog. Life has been a bit out of sorts. Look for me soon. I love y’all!



There’s this face I see
In the mirror
Occasionally lost in fantasy
Pushing through
Emotionless days
I’m done looking
Show your rays
Fingers pointing out
All my flaws
One freckle
Two freckles, gone
Forget it
Lost cause
Nose too short
Cheeks too big
None mine
All inherited
Should be thankful
Proud, too
Yet poisoned
By You

Elusive You


Quietly, I approach the black night
Looking for a glimpse of elusive you
Never far away, yet always out of sight
I crave your flighty essence, my dear

Leaning into who I believe you are
I wait patiently for you to arrive
Shadows lurking beneath the water
I sense that you are incredibly near

Elusiveness keeps your heart beating
Day dwellers will never be your type
However, I’ve seen you rise for me
Your calmness soothes irrational fears

Some would push to cage your spirit
Others have threatened your home
I’m merely looking for a way inside
The mind I can’t seem to leave alone

Eerily the stalwart wind begins to blow
I’m reminded, night comes before light
Quickly you change your path’s course
I’m left to marvel over once in a lifetime

Some Place I Know


Come with me
Will you
Tonight’s decision
May take two
See beyond the water
Within the stone
A dark black hole
Somewhere to be alone
Could we go
Tis an adventure
Filled with surprise
Searching for answers
Many about life
Loads of lessons
The other side, amazing
Better for the journey
A thrilling ride
Responsibility’s side
However, option number two
Sounds dreamy
I think so
Don’t you
Something steamy
Allowing us to breathe
I feel you touching me
First time
Head spinning
Over and over again
Means everything
Slow kissing
Feathered hand
Across my breast
Nipple erect
My fingers lingering
On your chest
Yours upon my jaw
Minds losing a battle
Bodies answering a call
Falling into you
My hip feeling the heat
You commanding
Me submitting
This time
Our needs will decide
Reckless abandonment
Awakens from inside
Deep dark cave
Knows what we crave
The release of feelings
Saturday night

Lost Without You

Spirit flying near me
My muse
What are you asking of me
A face I cannot see
Has created
Stunning poetry
I sense you
Pushing to leave
Even flee
Tell me
Give me
The words
I need
To make you
I can beg
Don’t leave me
I’ll be good
My need
Craving to be near


Walking beaches
Holding on
Where water
Meets sky
Do you see me
Becoming one
Love’s Geminis
Witnessing beauty
Chance meeting
A conclusion
For all my searching
Have you
Have I
Over a rainbow
Shakespeare’s Viola
A Bonnie for his Clyde
Wishing on stars
Walking through waters
Skipping rocks
Looking for his face
Reoccurring waves

Written 2-1-14

Seeing You

Although I’ve never met you
I see your beautiful body
Shoulders back
Walking proudly
I can’t help but write you
Always fresh and in a different form
I see right through my lines
The exact moment when he becomes you and she becomes me
A writers weakness is fulfillment of the mind
Do we have a choice of who it will be
I have a feeling that the answer is no; not even a maybe