Curling Fragments


Presented hard
Cold to the touch
Under an artisan’s hands
Soft swirls of metal
She becomes
Shimmering fragments
Glistening diamond shades
A curling pillow
Lays before him as he slaves
His to create, having her no other way


30 thoughts on “Curling Fragments

  1. I have worked in a machine shop and all too ofter we would look at these as if they were nothing more than debris to be spun free of their oil and loaded into a dumpster. Every now and then, the intricate beauty would show through (but I didn’t have a camera handy back then). I do often take pictures of wood shaving that spiral off a plane or a spokeshave. Thanks for giving me some words to accompany those images.

    • I am honored that you believe my words should accompany your memories, Dan. You are welcome to them… Nothing better than an artist working with their hands. Thank you for letting me know that this poem spoke to you.

      I was just reading your recent post about your instructor. My condolences.

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