Elusive You


Quietly, I approach the black night
Looking for a glimpse of elusive you
Never far away, yet always out of sight
I crave your flighty essence, my dear

Leaning into who I believe you are
I wait patiently for you to arrive
Shadows lurking beneath the water
I sense that you are incredibly near

Elusiveness keeps your heart beating
Day dwellers will never be your type
However, I’ve seen you rise for me
Your calmness soothes irrational fears

Some would push to cage your spirit
Others have threatened your home
I’m merely looking for a way inside
The mind I can’t seem to leave alone

Eerily the stalwart wind begins to blow
I’m reminded, night comes before light
Quickly you change your path’s course
I’m left to marvel over once in a lifetime


16 thoughts on “Elusive You

  1. Ah, the insatiable curiosity that just keeps wanting to learn and know a little bit more. I love how you make it alive for what it is, that craving that feels almost a bit dangerous as it leads into darkness ~ but still you venture forth, for as scary as it seems it always ends up being where true answers lie.

    Your poetry really seems to be on a roll, a ‘wow’ factor with your writing and words. A great start to the summer for you.


    • Dalo, your prose found here amongst my poetry makes my day. A little bit if you left here for me. Thank you. You explain my humbled effort so eloquently. As if you can also identify with wonderment. ..

      Thanks. I think your words of encouragement and mysterious presence helps me a lot. You keep me thinking.


    • I think it is always the potential of wonderment that keeps me moving and exploring ~ no time to worry about fear. The summer also feels a bit more reckless than other times of the year, as if it is nature’s way of saying ‘be sure to enjoy it all while you can.’

      Also, nothing like having family around to know that there is always a great safety net below 🙂 Enjoy the summer (looks like you are off to a great start already).


  2. Oh ! That just out of reach feeling that haunts our dreams and hovers silently on the edge of our waking hours. It is useless to try and catch a glimpse it is not tangable. xxx


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