Winter’s Bride

breath of sunshine
winter so fair
snowflakes blow
as tumbleweeds,
and there are daisies
in her hair.

verdant questions
if maybe
it’s too soon
to come
as soil stays wet
and warm from the sun.

seasons appear
surprising, yet
as they are,
so we love them
regardless, of when
why or how far.

she stands in a wrap
of clover, murmurs,
spring, come soon
upon a window clear.
her breath becomes fog,
laying her finger there.


32 thoughts on “Winter’s Bride

  1. I thought this poem was really about a bride until I expanded the photo and realized that’s a statue out front! Your words are lovely, Audrey — peaceful, hopeful, wistful. I appreciate the grandeur of an immense cathedral, but there’s nothing quite like a small country church for feeling at home.


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