Next Time


Simple poetry,
My prayer, floating free,
Shall work harder,
And stand well enough,
In hopes,
To receive you,
Next time…

A huge thank you to my blogging loyals today, yesterday and tomorrow. Y’all truly make my day with your consistent support. I couldn’t write poetry without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I appreciate your understanding, if you haven’t seen me around your blog. Life has been a bit out of sorts. Look for me soon. I love y’all!


38 thoughts on “Next Time

  1. Sweetheart, I myself just now am getting back to blogging as I would like to. Life has a way of grabbing you and not letting go sometimes. I understand totally, Aud. And there is no need to apologize. You are LOVED. (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. You’re welcome Audrey… WE ♥ YOU!!!

    Simple poetry,
    My prayer…

    I wish I wrote these lines; because I feel exatcly the same… We – your readers, thank you 🙂 have a great week-end


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