This Has Got To Stop

When you’re writing sensitive sentences do you ever feel like you’re invading a private moment?

It seems I should walk away and give them some space. Maybe turn my head or divert my eyes, as if to offer them their privacy. I’m not just talking about bedroom moments. I’m also talking about true feeling moments for my characters. Why do I seem to get red in the face?

Have you ever wished it was you? You know, the one you’re writing about? How do I stop that?

Turning Point – May Show Vulnerability & Immaturity In Writer

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” – Stephen King

I had to hand write an entire chapter the other day. Yes, an entire chapter, that’s what I said. It took me about seven hours and I have to say my hand cramped, a lot.

Tons. I am out of practice.

At one point, I had to physically straighten my finger due to it being stuck in a hook-like position. Then I had to hold my knee down, as it was shaking uncontrollably,┬ábecause of the reaction to the discomfort I was feeling throughout my arm. I wrote the chapter out, because I had decided to work through the pain of my thoughts by creating pain somewhere else; or because our monitor suddenly went black and I didn’t know how to fix it so I took the pen to paper.

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