Awards- They’ll make you laugh. Promise.

Okay, since so many of us will never get to meet. I thought I’d set up a place where you could learn more about me. The awards I’ve accepted along this journey have allowed me the chance to tell a little bit more about myself. I’ve worked very hard to make them somewhat interesting, and even funny. Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Awards- They’ll make you laugh. Promise.

    • Mark! It has been awhile since I’ve formally accepted an award. I gave up about a year ago, as I have the hardest time knowing who to send the blessing onto without hurting another’s feelings. Just knowing you think me worthy has made my day. I cherish our bond, you know. Truly. Your continued support of my efforts keeps me motivated to write, to inspire and nurish myself through the written word. Your words inspire me. Your care and friendship mean everything. I’m humbled by your recognition. I will do my best to publicly accept the award, but I have to tell you I’m so far behind in doing so for awards past, that I will probably fail miserably once again. Please know how much I adore you. You make Syracuse feel like my home away from home. ♡♡♡


  1. Hi Audrey! Hope you’re doing well. I was tagged to write about how I write. I’m supposed to answer 5 relatively simple questions then share on my blog along with linking three other authors and inviting them to answer the same five questions. Normally I avoid such things, but I’ve enjoyed reading about how other people write. I know you’re a busy lady, but I enjoy your poetry and wondered how you organize your writing life.

    There’s no need to feel pressured–it’s only if you think it might be fun 🙂 Just let me know!

    Love, A


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