S – Sensation 

I’ve always known, a
Dauntless healer, my heart.
I hear a Beast howling,
My spirit desires to soothe
You, now be.
I become what is
Written, effortlessly.
So does he, and the
Cornered woman
Over there, as well.
Don’t suppress. Write truth
Willingly, and man
Will fall to their knees.
Expecting to see your soul,
Words active. Living.
Intoxicating intentions, yours.


16 thoughts on “S – Sensation 

  1. OH!!! Audrey this is absolutely Gorgeous!! OH!!!!

    It brings to mind a line from The Village in which John Hurt (an actor I love!) says “The World Moves for Love. It Kneels before it in Awe.’ such a powerful quote and Youve captured the same feeling. My heart lurches, my Spirit shouts
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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