In Her Nature

*cardinal calling “here, here”
*cardinal calling “here, here”

Me: I hear you.
*cardinal calling “here, here”
*cardinal calling “here, here”

Me: Where are you?
*standing outside looking up about to get into the car*

*cardinal calling “here, here”
*cardinal calling “here, here”

Me: There you are up in my tree!
*two cardinals fly away happily*

Me: I see you! *calling out in a squeal*

My Young Redhead: *exasperated, yet looking*
Momma, they aren’t five year olds!?!

Me: *sighs* I sounded like Snow White, didn’t I?

My Young Redhead: *giggles*
No, just you being you, Momma

Me: *smiles* Not so bad, is it?

…and our eyes continued to shine.

The Beholder

Driving the farthest eastern reaches of the Sandhills as this scene beckoned. Was it the water, sunset or hills calling names? The topography, a sensuous mastermind, plays within thoughts while memories flood the present.

How dare it.

Just as beauty sets in, and atop the already gorgeous scene, to share this – would have been the only cherished wish left to whisper. A hand held. Hard kiss, even tug of the hair and a reminding of the natural, even recommended design for an alliance.

Useless comes to mind, but doesn’t it always? Untrustworthy. Less than. Nothing deemed attractive found near not even near, by not just one, but from many.

Wicked is fate as she tosses over another just out of reach, if only the physical qualities found irresistible and encouraged were obtainable by another’s remnants. Would life continue to offer beauty with hopes someone might see?

Sprucing Up The Place

deteriorating wall
color combinations weak
periscope, maybe


A few housecleaning details for y’all today. I am aware it is Friday, and nobody likes cleaning on the edge of a weekend, but I needed to say thanks for all the recent follows. AND thank you for not giving up on my poetry.

The giggles are returning which is always a good sign. I’ve been writing a lot, but mostly I’ve been working. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. This past year has been incredibly busy with churches closed for many.

When the inevitable occurred it made my day job 100% harder.

I have become quite familiar with bells, whistles, bright lights, more technology, post offices, zoom, louder microphones and standing on my head. I’ve never been accused of having a case of “the look at me’s” so you can imagine what having to do so did for my soul.

My creativity took a beating as did all my relationships.

I’ll be sprucing up the place and working on updating my pages, as I focus on getting things ready for an announcement many have waited years to hear.

Find beauty in your weekend my loves,


Craving Leadership

Friday Rant — to be fair I wrote this hours ago. Prayed on it. I’m allowing it to be heard. Happy Friday 😊

I wouldn’t and couldn’t vote someone into office just because – “I should”.

  • When I don’t hear my voice within the nominated you can be sure I’m not placing my vote in their direction. A vote is a reflection of who I choose to be in this world. My voice matters just as much as yours. We don’t have to agree.

I wanna know your heart. I always have and always will. I will love all people because Jesus asked me to love my neighbor and I do.

In my opinion, we don’t vote someone in just so we have something to celebrate, try and create history with a personal theology out of spite, or just decide the trajectory of where we should be going as a world without a majority vote placing it upon an individual who has proven themselves worthy of leadership.

We celebrate because as a human race we have finally overcome and we have evolved. This is the natural way of celebration. NOT because a group simply wants it and forced it into being. Don’t rush. Everything in God’s time, people. (This is why we are where we are as a society.)

When I vote, I don’t care what gender, color or economic background the person has – the specifics don’t dictate my vote, okay. Don’t hear my words as my not caring about what makes someone beautiful.

I listen to them and watch their body language. I need a fighter in my corner, if they aren’t MY fighter I shall not sit still and go along because someone said I should. We choose them to represent not they us. Advocate for change and be part of changing but do not take someone’s right away from them, just because you disagree, by force or manipulation.

We all matter. May the BEST man or woman win. I realize everyone’s version of best is different, but imagine deciphering over two or three oh so very worthy individuals whom people trusted – in any aspect of life. What a world that would be.

Take me or leave me. I’ll be okay either way. ♡

My mom voice is alive and well, y’all.

*And yes, I miss you terribly.