My poetry is being supported by loyal followers, family and friends. What a gift. Thank you for reading, for the comments and the inspiration. I hope you’ll let me know if one of the pieces helps you breathe. This is the place I go to in my head. I feel alone, lost and complete here. Blessings ~ Audrey

. . . So it matters to me . . .

. . . A deliberate path . . .

. . . Time taken, care advised . . .

. . . Focus the journey and stay alive . . .

. . . mustn’t allow my weakness to flow . . .

. . . It’s all a game, don’t you know . . .

. . . Scratch that, it isn’t you see . . .

. . . My past crushed me . . .

. . . My present a healing hell . . .

. . . My future deliberate, one only I can tell . . .

12 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Audrey;

    Write without censor, words from the Heart
    Innermost thoughts of you apart
    From mundane things, set you apart
    Open thoughts from which we start

    The Muse we will task
    Upon emotions of the past
    Words shared, before asked

    And we will sing
    Of wonderful things
    The secrets of friends
    Our truth depends

    My friend and my foe
    Together we go
    From here to there

    Hand in Hand
    We Skip and jump
    Light of Heart
    A Life apart.



    • Stoic,

      From your hand I feel strength
      Burns from my fingertips, straight to my heart
      Comfort of acceptance
      Of which you provide
      Allows me to uncover my eyes

      See past what didn’t make sense;
      Forcefully broke my reality
      Caused a path I didn’t see coming
      But knew, somehow, was fated of me
      I breathe, each day less tense
      Today, different yet

      The hand of a friend, man
      One who sees past the hurt
      Accepts me, as I am
      Musings rekindled
      The forefront, yes
      I skip, you jump
      And the wind will set us free

      Thank you for this,

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    • You are a friend
      Pulling words from deepness
      Finally they are given

      The hand of a friend, woman
      One who understands the hurt
      Accepts me, as I am
      Words flow easily
      From a sleeping heart

      You skip, I jump
      And the wind has set us free

      And I smile
      At words written, that I may see.


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    • Friend, not only do I
      Understand, pain
      But I have also walked
      A similar path, indeed.
      You taught me relationships
      Always end in sorrow
      Even the long ones filled with love.
      I want your words to burst forward
      No matter the fever,
      Be mad, or wave along a peaceful goodbye
      But stay true to you
      Your essence is strong
      And good.
      I’m in awe

      Your friend,

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  3. “I feel alone, lost and complete here.”
    You are not alone, Audrey. You’ve got many friends and admirers, me one of them.
    You’re still on a rugged journey, we’re still here.
    Talk to me anytime, always eager to hear from you, always listening.
    Shari *: )


    • I thank you for being close. I don’t mean for those words to sound so ominous. I wrote those some time ago, actually. I am on a rugged journey. My soul just wants happiness. It’s been too long. Hanging on and making it through this part of saying goodbye to what once was has highs and lows. I can handle it. The idea of bright new beginnings brings such hope to my life. All will be fine. Has to be. I will be over for a visit. I’ve missed quite a few posts of yours. I’ve kept them safe in my inbox. Be around soon, promise.

      Thankful you have allowed me to lean into you. Love you.


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