I laugh
because I knew.
I was thankful
For your retreat.
I identified completely,
With your need.
I understood
The purpose.
I wasn’t the manifestation,
Of your childhood dream.
I have always been,
Oddly unexpected, in the end.


There, if you listen surely

You will hear a siren’s song for mercy

The tone as mesmerizing as she is

It will cause you to question this reality

Her reality, and

The reality of those who do not hear her.

You’ll wonder

Who is the chosen one?

He who hears, understands the song and watches over her,

Or the others who are blessed with the ability to move along, oblivious?

Might it be them. 

No battle sworn into, not fated through the sea, nor deprived of who she really is…

For eternity.


To create genuine happiness could be sealed in the simplest of moments

There would be nothing to their bliss, really:

He’d understand her crooked grin

And fight forever to see it again

Along with the dimples, and the sound which create them,

Causing the wink in his eye to stay

And it being the reason for her


Untied to what caused me
To go beyond what I believed,
Past what I stood for
Lost sight for the trees.
I hurt you, but you caused pain first.
You lead me towards evil opportunity,
In the end, I was who I wasn’t,
You knew better, yet allowed me.