Q – Quell

Where did you go
The deep hum, of your voice
Followed me in, but didn’t
Retreat along side of me
When I fled. My expectation
Wasn’t fair, I know.
The work is hard,
Battle even more so.
Are you still fighting,
Does the war continue,
Did strength
Defeat in there?
Soft hands still covering
Fragile heart. Fate leads
a Warrior. Love will win.

O – Opportunity

What I am rather certain of
Is how the settled dust felt
Upon my ivory skin.
As I stood outside
Alongside the county road,
Where you held my hand, and
With a whispered delay…
“I won’t make you go.”
But if I hadn’t
You’d have spent your entire
Life, not knowing me.

L – Learn

To make love: emotional
Needed, sustained
Required of each
Opens contentment
Of careful importance.
To make love: physical
Drummer heart
Echo of desire
From deep within
Vibrations fantasize
Upon skin
Awkens the thunder
Begging for release