Good Morning


Been fussing with my tree for a few days. Tryin’ to create festive feelings by decorating. Each morning brings colder weather and along with it the sniffles and coughs.

The children have been giving 100% in all their activities and with school. My responsibilities are being tended to, as well. The Christmas season is upon us. A lot to be thankful for this year. Today, we’re going to take in the wonder of our many blessings.

I hope you do, as well.

Happy Sunday, Y’all.

She: Crystallized Radiance 

As pristine
Falls from above
Cold wraps across
Her laden chest,
Pulls her against
Nature sublime
Incorrigible desire
His spirit, like
A blanket of
Laid upon fair skin.
Snowflakes replace
Flawed freckles, and
For a moment,
She, luminous, her
Soul, complete.
A body in
Crystallized radiance