Your Choice


Tranquil respite
Among nature’s hum
Mockingbird’s voice calls
We’ve only just begun
Lie here and reflect
Walk, or get creative
Knowing what I like best
Crystal hues will inspire
Among a wild bayou’s crest
Nourish deeply seeded desires
Imagine all of this…


33 thoughts on “Your Choice

  1. Good evening Audrey Dawn – I’ve been trying to catch up on reading what I’ve been missing out on lately and I have come across a world of beautiful words right here on your site. For some unknown reason, your posts are not showing up on my reader and I have missed you. Now that I have spent some time wandering your recent posts, I now find myself lingering in the thought of nourishing deeply seeded desires… and now… I know that the Mockingbird that chatters outside my window every morning at dawn, will bring those thoughts into my imagination. It should provide me with great inspirations for writing in the early morning light. Thank you… I ‘shant’ be gone this long again… Your writing is beautiful…
    Hope your evening is as beautiful as your words…


    • Michael!!! Where have you been? You snuck out the door without a whisper. I’ve missed you. I was beginning to worry about your health. I’m glad to see you here and that your charm has been restored. I look forward to your writings. Always.
      Thank you. It means a lot to hear that my poetry is beautiful. Truly.
      Enjoy your dawn and mockingbird, my dear.


  2. Looks like such a peaceful scene. We’re having our share of grey and rain (at least I’m not shoveling snow!). On the kind of day you’ve pictured here, I’d be outside enjoying it (it is warm, right?!) Beautifully expressed!


    • The scene was peaceful, Debbie. Oh, it was warm today, for sure. I ended up walking the shoreline in Galveston and grabbed a few fun pictures. The last two days have been sunny and fairly warm, well, cool and not cloudy, so warm. 🙂 Glad you have rain and not snow, just hoping it doesn’t turn to ice. Be safe!


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