Crisp morning breeze,
Gorgeous snappy haste,
Invigorating and hyper scene
Releases a desire to accentuate
Temperatures under 40Β°, lovely


40 thoughts on “Lovely

  1. The coming of every autumn there is one thing I look forward to: the first ‘crisp morning air’ as I walk outside. It is invigorating and for some reason simply charges me up (at my old work many years ago, there was someone who felt the same and for 3 years, there was never any question when that morning arrived as we’d be glowing about it the minute we saw each other walking in the door). So this poem is brilliant in the great memory it brought to me (my selfishness here!).


  2. Brrrrrrr. I’m in cold weather right now too. And it’s spring here. I’ve really got to see the sun soon or I’m afraid I’ll wallow in a pit of despair. Hmmmmm, time for me to get some peanut butter. That always makes me happy.


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