Sadly So


She’s not
Bullet proof
Waking up, everything to fear
Dependable rain falling all around
Strong, yet sadness drifts near
Reality’s hands around her neck
Leave that poet heart
A dreaming mess
To fight


25 thoughts on “Sadly So

  1. The life of a poet, “Leave that poet heart, A dreaming mess, To fight, Alone”. Very poignant, and you you write the words and thoughts so us readers can feel better, leaving you alone with all the angst and mess ~ very nice of you πŸ™‚ Another very fine poem.


  2. I’ve been shot –
    S’ok, I’ll live.
    I do not think I need to be
    Bulletproof, so long as I’ve
    The will to write, to dream, to strive
    To be the best man I can be
    And to my lover give
    All I have got.



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