Together we are one.
I cannot deny your essence,
Nor could I ever measure beside,
But, just so we become verily clear,
Your existence now surrounding him:
Champion of versed rooted strength,
Provides my journey’s refinement.
I am you
You am I
Leaning into the remedy of his skin,
My eyes upon your desire to be close,
I witness your valuable life flourishing,
Becoming tolerant of your nearness,
Understanding why we’re both here,
I begin to care for you, as well.
Your presence nourishes me,
He, is pleased.


29 thoughts on “Sisterhood

  1. Wow, you pulled off the trifecta: beautiful poem (very special actually, well done), beautiful photo (you’re becoming quite the photographer…) and beautiful symmetry of your style. Your strength with your sisters and love for your father rings very strong in this one. Take care ~


    • Aww. Sigh. Maybe, Mr. Collis. You flatter me, always. Thank you for saying my poem was special. The symmetry was quite by accident, if you can believe that one. When it was centered the poem screamed to be viewed this way… as far as the photography, you know how I feel when you compliment me on it….I’m going to try and not roll my eyes at you. I got lucky, Sir. Tis all. Darling, this one isn’t about my father or my sisters. Giggle. Thanks…you too. β™‘


    • Thank you, Monsieur. This may be the loveliest comment you’ve ever bestowed upon me. For that, I am truly thankful. Your opinion, on this subject in particular, is very important to me. I appreciate your stopping by and letting me know. I know you won’t believe me, but it wasn’t until I tried centering this poem that the shape revealed itself….I too, was fascinated. Sigh.


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