Felted Armor

delicate felted petals
her armor, really.
bravery: to go it alone,
not what she had envisioned,
but it is, so she’s trying.

some say, “she made it.”
local soil, a lovely bed, complete transparency.
spreading light for those seeking,
while awaiting destiny, is
all that’s left.


a lifetime
thinking it over
all the joys
the sadness
imprinting generations
building our strength

3/5/3/3/7/5 Shadorma Poetry


Nothing like a box Chevy (during a rebuild), booze, old country music and big brother’s barn on a Friday night. Baby, Middle and Red claiming seats as big brother chuckles. None of us would have it any other way. I love when we get together and laugh over ourselves.

Everyone’s version of our story is a little different, but oh we four see it the same… I love’em!



Do you want to know what I think?
I believe, I’m past understanding
who you are
finding myself, lost inside desire.
I know, this rising across my chest
we’ll name it, intuition
I feel, it’s for the best.
I need, to succumb to your call
this redhead knows
of nothing less.
Worth the search, together
trust in the process
I’ll get you there, or reverse.
Feel my heartbeat, indeed
tis your strength, my muse,
living inside my words.
Running? Now? Well there’s no use…
time will write you out of me,
or me out of you.



Together we are one.
I cannot deny your essence,
Nor could I ever measure beside,
But, just so we become verily clear,
Your existence now surrounding him:
Champion of versed rooted strength,
Provides my journey’s refinement.
I am you
You am I
Leaning into the remedy of his skin,
My eyes upon your desire to be close,
I witness your valuable life flourishing,
Becoming tolerant of your nearness,
Understanding why we’re both here,
I begin to care for you, as well.
Your presence nourishes me,
He, is pleased.

Our Hero


At peace over what will be
but please fight
Do it!
Oh, Hero of mine
First man I ever loved
You’ve got to try
You’d be the first to tell me why
Nothing’s easy in this life
Not even chemotherapy, it seems
You once told me some things aren’t worth the fight
This is not one of them, not this night
Cancer isn’t going to rein
Not this family, never again

Dance With Me

I just need this one dance
Nothing else, I promise
Yes, this one
I know, its slow
Take me where I need to go
Allow me
Hold me close
I need to feel
Strong hands
Strength, of your lead
Pull me into your arms
Offer your shoulder
Cradle me closer
Hearts beating as one
I know no other
Honor this one wish
My love
Sing to me softly
Show me the way
I can’t do this
Without you

My Falcon

Born to be an adaptor,
Forever changing his surroundings.
Nestor, speedy protector,
Friend to the nomad.
From the beginning, central Aisa,
Yet, your homeland is here.
Powerful employment is yours,
To know more, a feeble goal.
Intercepting me,
Yet, I continue proding.
I see through your armor,
Lost in the marvel of your eyes.
The sight of you, my dear,
Worth every sacrifice.
I could find you anywhere,
Dynamic speed sets you apart.
Take me with you,
I’ll provide a view,
Encouraging the peak,
Of the hightest mountain.
Destinations you’d rather not seek,
However, you’re trying.
Flying beside me,
Practicing your speed, agility.
I shall continue to watch,
from the ground, for now.
Awaiting your caw,
which will beckon one day.
Peregrine Falcon, you suit me,
mustache and all, honorably.

Your Lady

She chooses who she’ll be
A conformer
A woman is born to dream
A soft skinned girl on her terms
Rough and edgy when she’s protecting
She’ll make you laugh
You’re on top of the world
When she brings you to your knees
Reflections are seen
Her power lives, there’s no denying
She loves you hard
She feels safe
On top of the world
A life you’ll create
Stand beside you, fists drawn
Planted in front, protecting your cause
Even behind you, for her faith
One she believes twas God to create
Behind doors she’s all yours
Treat her like royalty
You’ll forever be her King
Shoot her your infectious smile
She’ll give you anything, heart’s desire
Shy eyes sparkling
Or run to you craving
Agreeing to fulfill your need

Heart’s Anticipation

Hearts break
Created for more
Than keeping us alive
The powerful organ
Innocently sitting
Yet, actually
Each arrival
Life’s disappointments

Possible dream shattering
Inevitable realizations
Of real human behavior
Sending the final punch

Had the heart been waiting
Sensing struggles all along
Disaster coming
Sending out low voices
A mind choosing to ignore

Does the heart forsee
The size of the breaking
Is it even a possibility
It will heal
Provide the ultimate
Why it should
Stay a prisoner
For good