Midst the fog
Beyond what we know
We’ll wait
Exhaling fear
Calm, isn’t it
Life’s out there
And he’s near


36 thoughts on “Excitement

  1. Is this a statement of faith? That’s the way I read it, Audrey, and it’s sooooo true. We see dimly, as in a fog, but if we trust our Savior, we have no need to fear. Did I get it this time?? Beautifully said (we had that foggy stuff the other day — beastly driving conditions!!)


    • Can be, yes, Debbie. Trust you have definitely gotten a side I was working towards revealing with this poem. He is always nearby. For me, I’m allowing myself to trust that I’m headed in the right direction and the one meant to walk beside me, in all aspects of life, is near. Not only God, but also my soul’s best friend.


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