Every Day – Haibun


You hold my hand differently
Force these words away
Common sense tells me, ignore
Yet, I remember, every day


“You shouldn’t share every word you write, caused by every feeling you have…”

“…but, if I wait until I can share perfection, even a valid effort, then I’d never share again.”

“How can you be okay with showing mediocrity?…”

“…It hadn’t occurred to me.”

“Surely, you notice where you fail.”

“I try not to think about it.”

“Honestly, none of this makes any sense, Audrey.”

“Thank you, for confirming.”


Trust isn’t easy
Now do you understand why
 I want to believe



The photos shared with this Haibun are of the Devil’s Backbone Open Space, located just outside the northern end of the Rocky Mountain foothills, as you drive into Fort Collins, Colorado. You can read more about it here. Consequently, I did witness the largest rattlesnake I’ve ever seen while near this trail.

Keep in mind, I’m no photographer, I just wanted you to see more of this area of the world, and the topography it owns. Expressing myself here feels different, maybe I’m more in tune with who I am when I’m in Colorado. ♡

Happy Friday, Y’all.



Designed fortress,
yet, I am not afraid.
Unknown fears planted,
but, I welcome them.
You, pushing me away,
seemingly, draws me closer.
Duration til discovery,
refuses to prevent me.
Walls surrounding you,
I love them, too.
Calmly aware,
I could die this way.
More frightening,
You’ll let me.



Together we are one.
I cannot deny your essence,
Nor could I ever measure beside,
But, just so we become verily clear,
Your existence now surrounding him:
Champion of versed rooted strength,
Provides my journey’s refinement.
I am you
You am I
Leaning into the remedy of his skin,
My eyes upon your desire to be close,
I witness your valuable life flourishing,
Becoming tolerant of your nearness,
Understanding why we’re both here,
I begin to care for you, as well.
Your presence nourishes me,
He, is pleased.

Tonight, This Is Who I Am


Preparing for tonight,
Charcoal dress pressed,
Shoes red, high.
Silver jewels, a favorite,
My simple black scarf,
Crimson curls pinned back,
Yet teasing my neck.
Christmas party, downtown,
Minute Maid Park, banquet.
Will smell of testosterone,
And weaken my reserve,
Of this, I’m quite sure.
Best smile upon my face,
Dimples ready to play,
You’ll have it no other way.
Final wish for tonight,
Small of my back,
And your hand in place.
Quick look into my mirror,
Remembering who I am,
Just a small town girl,
Confident, yet amazed.




I counted
You placed me in danger
Thirteen separate times
In two hours
Don’t tell me that you love me
When I know that’s a lie

I remember promising you guys that I would post a picture of the doodlings I sketch out, while waiting for words to arrive on paper. An epiphany occurred after I’d drawn this picture, then a poem created from a memory.

The picture is meaningless, well not the thirteen heavily drawn red tallies, it seems, which have permanently indented the next few pages of my tablet, but overall it’s just doodles.

What I’ve realized is that actions DO speak louder than words. Yes, this message has been heard a million times before, I know. Now, the missive is understood. Finally. Lack of protection will never translate into love. Not for me, anyway.