Little One

wait with me for awhile
I’m little,
still valuable.
I live amongst grandiose,
stunning and unpredictable,
humans love them for their ability, acknowledge
the beauty they possess.
See me trying, blushing even
as my shape finishes form,
little, but striving,
will I be yours?
What I Would Have Shown You

In The Details

when we realize
devotion is what they really need,
and it becomes our true focus,
we climb towards accepting reality.
being blessed
to witness their peace,
or to become their daily and intricate detail,
is our gift.
understanding, finally, we’re not a guarantee in what
is meant to be, but it’s okay to hope.


gripping flocculent monochrome thoughts
like grass tuffs in summer
now willing their release,
i know not what will become of me.

coolness of springtime
wearing off inside my palms,
as deep down the warmth of earth corrects right side,
my defeated revered thumbs.

dark corners of the woodlands
beckon hither
my soul hinged upon true light,
sprites leading in delicate whisper
don’t go for fear of what might…

chase winter with abandon,
fragile heart,
much yet to be loved
like melodic hums chasing snowflakes on tips of tongues.

so come old man winter
blazing frosted cool crisp air,
however I am treasured,
stripped tree my protector,
expose of me what you dare.

Z – Zephyr

I own a purpose
Within this life
I feel deepest when
My sonant sings.
Winds have howled,
My thoughts often left
Rationalized. What
Will tomorrow bring…
West winds reappear,
Command again,
I’m humbly listening.
Refuse the darkness when
It offers. Watch time take
What belongs to my soul,
And place it faithfully
Upon my willing shoulders.
I’ll continue to carry
my essence,
And give flight to the
Zephyr inside of me.


Thank you to those who supported my poetic effort. The A to Z Poetry Challenge brought me back to my poetry. Humbled. ♡



There’s a feeling that exists
History has proven love lives
Like a breath of fresh air
We acknowledge when it arrives
Our bodies begin to relax, usually
Become water, when it’s right
A penetration of care
Flowing over our skin
Perfect temperature
Healing as it descends
Further on
Past our eyes
Which see doubt
Beyond our hearts
That feel protective
Over our core
Already aching
For more, of the same
Truth told, we crave love
Not only our selves
But our minds
A saturation combined with ease
Allows our imagination to thrive
In communion, as well
A perfection, pointless to hide
Streams through us, honestly
Sustainable serenity, alive



Together we are one.
I cannot deny your essence,
Nor could I ever measure beside,
But, just so we become verily clear,
Your existence now surrounding him:
Champion of versed rooted strength,
Provides my journey’s refinement.
I am you
You am I
Leaning into the remedy of his skin,
My eyes upon your desire to be close,
I witness your valuable life flourishing,
Becoming tolerant of your nearness,
Understanding why we’re both here,
I begin to care for you, as well.
Your presence nourishes me,
He, is pleased.