A smile, the product of overwhelming acceptance.
Crazy how writing a sentence can be the cause of tears.
Is wanting such a simple human response proof of a wandering spirit in search of connection?

A place to belong,
Echoes inside of me,
awakens at dawn.

Genuine acknowledgment in a situation played out before ours eyes,
should not be controlled.
Why deny the person across from you the gift of worth?
My smile is yours.


i imagine the comfort
like warmth snuggled in
under layers of protection
surrenderer me with victorious him

daylight taken with pleasure
my body with so much to give
leaves the master of my affection
a playground he accepts as his

a muse so confident
doubt unable to live –
stifled and erased, becomes
a union of dominion and submissive


When you’re heartbroken
All you want is to be healed,
Given a chance
To love again.

Or do you just
Fuckin’ forget it,
And let the negative 
Stain the paper


My apologies for the curse word. The other choices I had failed to get my point across. 

Your strong letters of disappointment can be filed under the letter F. 🤓

Even a Redheaded Poetess allows her firey side to have its way from time to time. 

Without A Doubt

How can you know?
I hear myself ask me
A whisper speaking without sound
How is it possible?
You mean to love the unknown?
I don’t know, but I believe one can.
Because I already do.


And in knowing so, today becomes my best birthday yet.

I love you.

Love yourself, love where you’re at today, who you are this moment, and be damn thrilled to know you can love unconditionally, with your whole heart even when tomorrow doesn’t yet make sense.

Smile today 🤓

Aurora’s Visit


Aurora whispered this morning
As golden water developed
Within a sunrise
Every moment is a blessing
She encouraged with her glow
Thankful for the wink, felt
Shining across fair skin
As a pelican soared by
Sealing my radiance, her gift
Salty air takes ownership of red hair
A curl wraps around my nose
And I inhale hope
Flutters of joy
Upon my breasts
While Aurora releases me
Back into reality, sensing
My desire to shine
Lapping of the gulf’s waves
Felt by both she and I

Wrap Me


Wrap me tight
I need to feel you
Whisper that I’m okay
To be lost this way
I know you’ve been here
This same place
Maybe different thoughts
Yet, always same place
Full of pressure
Yet, not alone
But all alone
You know?
Smiles on the outside
Tears allowed
Only for me
I could be
A different breed
Women need
Women seek
Advice, daily
Not me
I couldn’t possibly
Show weakness?
Not in front of you