When you’re heartbroken
All you want is to be healed,
Given a chance
To love again.

Or do you just
Fuckin’ forget it,
And let the negative 
Stain the paper


My apologies for the curse word. The other choices I had failed to get my point across. 

Your strong letters of disappointment can be filed under the letter F. 🤓

Even a Redheaded Poetess allows her firey side to have its way from time to time. 


36 thoughts on “Decisions 

  1. Had a bad accident the day before Easter. Lot of pain and damage that will take awhile to move out of my world. It landed on top of my other challenges of the moment. I could see what was lost or the beauty of all that was left. Easy choice, I’ll take the beauty. It gives me time to be here today doesn’t it?

    Don’t waste time staring at the negative.


  2. There’s something nicely alliterative about this one, but somehow it feels a bit jarring to read the rawness of emotion. (I’m not being critical, okay — I just find it hard to be so emotionally open on the page — or screen. That’s what makes YOU the poetess, not me, ha!!) xx


    • I could have chosen not to share this poem, Shari, but I feel like sharing those that make me question my thoughts or process are the poems I’m most venerable to set them free. Thank you.

      My direction is toward better. I’m doing well. I know more happiness awaits. ♡ And I look forward to adding to the beautiful life I’ve been given.


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