His pleasure to cherish
That’s what he said
Before placing her
Between his heart
And his head


16 thoughts on “Pleasure

  1. Oh, wow… This is just perfect, Audrey… “…between his heart and his head”… I have been most profoundly deprived… for the only thing I have had there lately is a Heineken…


    • Michael, it’s very nice to begin and end my day with a comment from you. Thank you for thinking so. I love when my words work for you. You appreciate them in the best of ways. I dislike the idea of you being deprived of anything. I’m envious of that Heineken. Hope your evening is fantastic, my dear. xx


  2. Ummmmm, is it berry season there already? I don’t get them here. 😦 Actually, I can get them frozen, but very expensive. I guess I’ll have to stick with acaΓ­.
    I love the poem. You find inspiration in everything, don’t you?


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