Without A Doubt

How can you know?
I hear myself ask me
A whisper speaking without sound
How is it possible?
You mean to love the unknown?
I don’t know, but I believe one can.
Because I already do.


And in knowing so, today becomes my best birthday yet.

I love you.

Love yourself, love where you’re at today, who you are this moment, and be damn thrilled to know you can love unconditionally, with your whole heart even when tomorrow doesn’t yet make sense.

Smile today πŸ€“


34 thoughts on “Without A Doubt

  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Audrey — Domer’s a Pisces, too!! Love your ice cream cone … and your poetic thoughts. Yes, embrace the unknown future with LOVE!!


  2. So delighted you are celebrating your birthday! Happy happy day to you, Audrey, happy year, and may all good things come true, even the mysterious ones that you haven’t yet seen.

    And about that ice cream – oh yum!


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