Aurora’s Visit


Aurora whispered this morning
As golden water developed
Within a sunrise
Every moment is a blessing
She encouraged with her glow
Thankful for the wink, felt
Shining across fair skin
As a pelican soared by
Sealing my radiance, her gift
Salty air takes ownership of red hair
A curl wraps around my nose
And I inhale hope
Flutters of joy
Upon my breasts
While Aurora releases me
Back into reality, sensing
My desire to shine
Lapping of the gulf’s waves
Felt by both she and I


34 thoughts on “Aurora’s Visit

  1. She took a moment to thank Aurora
    for the golden opportunity
    smiled brightly, exhaled
    but kept the keepsake in her heart
    to later be used as a beautiful tale.

    Love this view & your thoughts match such beauty

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  2. Another gorgeous photo, Audrey — gee, it’s nice to see the sun again, even if it’s only in a picture! We’ve been inundated with rain and storms — good for the grass, I suppose, but bad for farmers who want to be out in their fields!


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