i imagine the comfort
like warmth snuggled in
under layers of protection
surrenderer me with victorious him

daylight taken with pleasure
my body with so much to give
leaves the master of my affection
a playground he accepts as his

a muse so confident
doubt unable to live –
stifled and erased, becomes
a union of dominion and submissive


61 thoughts on “Dominion

  1. For some reason, this reads as a perfect poem to end summer and begin the love affair with autumn. I always think it is nature at its peak in autumn, surrendering itself to change and doing so with confidence and grace. Wishing you a great weekend my Poetess πŸ™‚


    • My adoration for autumn has reached new levels this year, Mr. Collis. I didn’t think it possible. A sweet surrender you describe. Always treasure your stopping by to say hi. I’m grateful my words still reach you. What could be better than a woman with confidence and grace. Smiles. I hope your descent into fall finds you well, my Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire.


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