Morning Smile


Auroral perspective arouses
Intimate moments such as this
Fated, possible second chances
Eos and Helios, Titian bliss
Allow the glow’s collision
To rest upon our skin


34 thoughts on “Morning Smile

  1. ‘cold and passionate as the dawn’ Yeats wrote and while seemingly contradictory are not
    and here, Audrey, in your work i sense a similar passion tempered by both your mood
    and the time of day.




  2. YUMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm πŸ™‚ I do love your Poems!!

    Thank You for Being such a Blessing in my Life. Though I may not get round as often as I might like to, I Truly Appreciate YOU 


  3. About time y’all had some breaks in the clouds and rain! Hope this means a beautiful day is on the horizon! Hard to find a lovelier grouping of words, Audrey.


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