Y’all, Smile (Haiku)


Cool Texas dawning
Find someone who makes you smile
Calm cerulean


54 thoughts on “Y’all, Smile (Haiku)

  1. Cool Texas Dawn… that is a good nickname for you.
    And your second line “Find someone who makes you smile” is all you will ever need!
    Cheers to a great week Audrey Dawn…

    • Thank you. I hope you believe that to be true. I have to tell you that I’m just sitting here laughing over that debate! Just giggling. Your buddy ruined my poem. Haha. (Naww. Totally, didn’t..! J/K) I suppose you thought of the show, as well. I enjoyed seeing their banter today after my class. Smart, creative people are so awesome. There is always something in common. I wish I had something to add, but I think I was reading romance novels or studying Spanish instead. I miss all the good fun. πŸ™‚ xx

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