Poetry I crave and read daily
Minds I want to rip open and see
How can it be, words written perfectly
Faceless poetry it spins me
Forever lost in thoughts of might have been
all uniquely

Words which inspire a nation
An analyzer, who questions a lifetime
My Dear, you theorize
Create thinking or even dreaming
Show me Divine perfection
absorbed daily

Music played to reach my soul
Find me beyond the stars
I ache while each note played
I hear you in every melody
Make it yo-yo; I don’t care
play for me

Pictures taken with a keen eye
I imagine them taking me somewhere
Close the distance between you and me
Make me laugh, face my fears, even cry
Show me life on the other side
do it slowly

Paintings create emotion regularly
Colors help me think and release
Black and white take me to places of dark
The sexiest of the arts, painters feel humanity
Search the eyes of the one in charge
paint me pretty

I Remember You

I listen to the rain outside; I think of you
Why now do I choose to remember
I miss the rain…Maybe I miss you.

A sad tune; takes me back
You should have kept that song
I need sadness…Maybe I need you.

Ears full of every song you’ve written
They quite rightly send me to you
I hear your melody…Maybe I hear you.

Your voice takes me back to that night
Strong hands play. I drift away
I wait for memories…Maybe I wait for you.

Your artistic mind allows for comfort
Today you will be my place to dwell
I wish for comfort…Maybe I wish for you.

Play our favorite notes: The deep ones
Allow my soul to sing
I can sing…Maybe I can sing for you.

That night you taught me how to play
Your arms wrapped around my body
I played for you…Maybe I taught you.

Feeling safe, free and secure; my speed
You encouraged my path beautifully
I remember it…Maybe I remember you.

Princess Magic

Lay your head down my princess
The weather too cold outside
Relax and dream, continue the story

Do you remember the Beauty?
The one I speak of, as you drift to sleep
She’s inside of you, inside of me
A Beast did snatch her, I agree
But let me tell you more about him
A strong mind was his, given Divinely
Once sharing it, then to be left denying
His heart seemed cold until that day
A Princess came and stole it away
She saw the love inside his heart
It needn’t matter how he appeared
She’d used her heart to weaken fear

Remember, my little one, listen to me
If this is your wish, my sweet darling
Work your princess magic and go find him…

Her Curtain Falls

The door opened.
The door closed.
Arms open, grasping the wall
A thankful breath for survival
Fleeting bedroom route taken
Wandering towards her dresser
One by one earings separated
Body scrutinized in the mirror
Precarious eyes fall from witness

Craggy fingers skim about her neck
Tension felt to her toes
Shivers absolute over her body
His creation, she weakens
Leaning into him enduringly
His whispered presence declared:

You’re mine now, my stifled one
The merciless day is over…

Pins slowly removed
Curls allowed to be free
Cascading her curves
Gathering auburn ringlets
Spawns gentle smelling
A zipper stream composes
Her dress long forgotten
His tone used to rouse her:

Take off the passable mask
Come to me, my dark one

Turning through aphonic moaning
Delighted to see her dreaming one
She weeps:

Help me discount this cruel world, my love
Draw our bath
Combine two minds
Make me laugh
But, first, just lie back

Dragon’s Loyalty Award: I’ve Been Lifted Up

I have to accept the award given to me twice yesterday. The Dragon’s Loyalty Award has become one of my favorites, so the chance to blog about it again is so very welcomed. I’m thrilled to be acknowledged by two humorists or humourists. They’re brilliant at pulling out a chuckle or smirk. I was offered a new button for this award, but there’s something about this one that I like, so I’m keeping it. I’ve offered the other two options below, but first let’s get to the two bloggers responsible for making my day brighter yesterday.


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This is my thinking place, I share it happily

I wish we could walk it once together

I have questions of life

Your answers provide my awakening

Your creative gift today, well, I’ll forever be thanking

Writing is a personal journey

Sharing it with others takes faith in God, for me

Remind me why we do what we do

Why writers rip open their minds

Toss contents on the table

Wear our hearts out on complete strangers

After today’s post I think I should share a photo I find comfort in remembering. The poem above I wrote after my friend, Michael, posted a beautiful photo. He wrote of encouraging thoughts along with it. His words helped then and they continue to help me today. Check out his photo and his blog, Harcourt 51, if you haven’t done so already. He is worth sharing with you guys. He creates wonderful opportunities to think and stretch your mind. His photos are spectacular, as well. For your words, Michael, once again I thank you.

I’m Up For It

We could watch paint dry together
Listen to my secretive prose
Quiet words flying nearby
I know

I’m up for it, if you are.

Stand in line to watch water evaporate
Tap our feet to your street music
Keep alive our creative beat
Finally same concrete
I hear

I’m up for it, if you are.

Sit here guessing similar fears
Search eyes; touch skin
For truth and acceptance
Kiss trembling away
I feel

I’m up for it, if you are.

All three creative and real
Capable of floating up
To be caught for witness
Changing many lives
I believe

I’m up for it, if you are.

Lying there with you
Let it be: I ask
Maybe today you can?
Try to be my kind of Saturday

Who Said The Word Snow? I’m Coming To Find You…

I’m quite upset this morning, don’t you see?

We were supposed to wake up screaming something like, “IT’S SNOWING!”

They let us know 19 hours too early, that school would be canceled today without thinking.

Whoopie! I’ll spend my day writing and baking. It’s just the weather to write of love-making.

I’ll keep the kettle hot for coffee, cocoa and tea, all the while children watch something on T.V.

No, I’m not up North and I haven’t moved back to the middle of this country.

You see, we’re still down here in cowboy country, but the snow apparently isn’t coming.

Texas had a winter warning, snow and ice it seemed, and me without my equipment for sledding.

I guess we’ll read and eat those muffins over there cooling.

Yes, eat them all day long, it seems.

We won’t get out of our jammies, I don’t care what you think.

Who closes school for a snow day 19 hours too early?

That would be Texas, we don’t have the road clearing means…

But please, wait until you see something happening.

Today, life was canceled for snow and ice.

I have two confused children who await explaining!

I Hope This Never Ends

Galveston, TX

Galveston, TX

I wondered the quiet beach and imagined you today

Seemingly embodied in each crystal clear blue wave

I searched for your words as you twisted us closer

Roughly escorting me deeper into that vast ocean

Pull me under and into your strong current, I plea

Might as well, around you I can’t seem to breathe

Feel us spin effortlessly in the morning water, too

Again I stumble, beating my head against the sand

Maybe I’ll learn and these feelings can finally end

Again, what my mind does for you…

Push Me

Push Me!
Demand, I push you back
Open Me Up!
Force, my feelings out
Hold my arms down
Seize my eyes, as they attack yours

Feel it?
Feel that powerful tension
Don’t turn away
I need you to stay

Letting me win
Well, that’s often his way

Push Me, my whispered plea
Make me push you back
Open Me Up, I silently beg
Force my lack of feelings out

The Journey

. . . So it matters to me . . .

. . . A deliberate path . . .

. . . Time taken, care advised . . .

. . . Focus the journey and stay alive . . .

. . . Mustn’t allow my weakness to flow . . .

. . . It’s all a game, don’t you know . . .

. . . Scratch that, it isn’t you see . . .

. . . My past crushed me . . .

. . . My present a healing hell . . .

. . . My future deliberate, one only I can tell . . .

Gray Clouds of Doubt


I see you there little leaf in the tree,

Are you hanging there to scare me?

I can’t quiet seem to figure you out,

Maybe you’re here to distract or calm my doubts?

Why do you continue to hold on?

Don’t you know all the others have gone?

Do you see a future that others did not see?

Why would you choose to wait with me?

Being left alone does not frighten this lady, only strengthens, I believe.

Go along and find the others, I see them all waiting curiously.

Don’t trouble yourself with lingering here now, honestly

Not Another Award Post! No! But, It’s Me: Audrey

Okay, its award time. Trust me, this has been a long time coming. I am way behind in thanking everyone for encouraging me. I have to say that I was surprised at the amount of friends I have to thank. Some of you shocked me. I didn’t even know you were reading my posts. For the record, I have a special place in my heart for you quiet readers. I happen to be one on occasion.

This is a long post. I’ve tried to speed it up as best I can without taking away from the bloggers who truly need a push and the recognition. Please forgive my writing errors today. I’m not going to say I didn’t spell check, because it may be the only thoughtful correcting I did for you.

We’ve got to get to this quick, as you all know how much work goes in to posting and pasting all of this important information. I want to make sure I get it correct for all of us. Just please know I am thrilled to have my badges on the side of my blog and am thankful for such a supportive group of followers. Okay, this is going to be fun, I promise.
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Solemn Battle

Written for Professor VJ Duke, the keeper of The Punchy Lands!
He's a constant supporter of mine. I hold him quite dear.
Read of his Punchies , his land is captivating.
The professor commanded me to write of swords.
I confessed that swords and I had no history.
I insisted I wouldn't know how.
Then Jolly Holiday happened just before Christmas,
I wrote of my experience and then created this,
my first published sonnet, a lyric piece of dramatic poetry.
Thank you, Duke. Thanks for pushing me to write of swords,
I would have never known of the therapeutic release otherwise, my friend.


Slumped shoulders proved to me that you were about to let him win…

Come on!
Get up and fight!
The war in your mind is still raging 
Snuff out the voices which keep you down
Show me you have the will to kill

Show your battle arms and let the scars open
Stand tall against his approach, do you hear
Dead in the eyes the only way to abdicate him
Remember, diverted eyes can show your fear

Your trusted hand which tightly anchors the hilt
Thrust that sword through the air
Make contact early and release any guilt
The awaited battle ensues, you'll take that dare

Step Back!
Let him show his wounds, see what it proves
Warm blood, let them all have a view
Oh! Claret upholds your technique
Nay, he didn't have a clue

Veer left, yes again and proper
You wear the armor of a Knight
Keep revealing the ante of war 
Show him your quick and mighty flight

He'll take you further, no doubt
Sword drawn, go at him again
He desires a severed conclusion
Eternally, your life not his to end

Yes, towards his sword, Anon!
Do not take your eyes off him
This is your archaic dream
Shan't let him win

Quick! Quick!
Force him to back up!

Now Charge!
Right hand push forward
Oh! Come around - chase him down
No, didn't see that side either
He found a piece of you, this is fear

Get Up!
Make it fast he'll charge your weakness
Remove your hand of your side, center yourself
He's back with full vengeance
Recovery, yes, that's the plan

Your determination to end him
Feel the pressure as the sword slides in
Fight to end his creation and all consumes
Make him pay for perpetrating you

Speak of triumphing words
Remind him of the joy you'll feel
While ending this tiresome battle 
Oh Please, believe in supremacy still

As he slowly approaches you again
Taunting with smiles employed by evil
Remember, you fight for good
Defeating him: the conquest of all brave men

He'll sense any admittance of shortcomings
Qualify all beliefs, the end is near
Center your sword, Wise One
Prove to him nevermore in error

To the voice inside your cunning belfry
You mustn't ignore the wicked one
He's there to keep you justly alive
You'll toss him out after the battle is done

For him, he's calculating
His timing will be perfect, it seems
Sadly, his sword just as mighty
Yet, powered by all evil deeds

Not too soon, this fight is yours to win
You can't allow for mistakes this night
Keep your grip strong, your mind sharp
Recall, the moral Ninja in this fight

The feet which want to go advancing
Your timing is all you have
Sun setting, this match predestined
Phantoms of happily ever after awaken

Right, left, right!
Charge forward, Warrior
Use the hands on your blade, gather the battler
Pull the darkness towards you

Spin your wrist, force his sword away
Did you see him fronting near the end
Evil lost his footing, gain the ground which separates
Finish him!

Pull that sword back
Cease the fight, attack!
Slice life from him, left to right
Exactly what you wanted, true? To end him?

Didn't you see?
Your sword played wickedly
Skill pulled the sword from his hands
End this battle just as we planned

Just Believe!
He's left unarmed, your chance to be free
Your eyes stay connected, questioning him urgently
To see your sword drawn so violently
Then to watch you walk away, Amazing

That's Right!
I like that smile
You know you've won, why end him at all
There's nothing he could have done
The power between your shoulders
Well, it has only just begun 


What are you doing
How is it that you're carving
Something into that tree

How Interesting!
You're using your sword
caressing the golden award winning beast
The tip seems to be carving brilliantly

A Ring?
Is it true!
You finished it rather quickly, 'twas said to you
Mesmerizing to watch the katana now so clean
Sword takes an About-face to your protective side now clinging

Upon closer inspection, as you wait for my opinion
I pull out my ink, simple letters to be appended
Amidst the ring a simple phrase created - WORD!

I ruffle your hair and replace my pen.
Let's get on with it then.

(By golly, I think she's done it.)