Dance Woman Dance

Dance perfectly, my woman

Offer an honorable and friendly curtsy

Smile on time, I remember you once forgetting

Shut your mouth, the explaining appropriate never

You should have thought of that selfish woman, you know better

Makes sense now doesn’t it? I’ve told you, your silly dreams forever hindering


15 thoughts on “Dance Woman Dance

  1. I read this earlier this week and liked it then – and now! I wouldn’t have been a very good dancer back in the day when this was the norm…

    Not sure if you remember – you nominated me for a Liebster forever ago. I finally got around to doing up my response post and wanted to let you know. It’s here: Anyway – thank you again. Yours was actually my first Liebster πŸ™‚ I should have responded sooner!

    • Thank you. I like interesting, very much. I can see that image, Barb. Your idea is a poetic path too, one I also saw after I wrote the poem. Mostly it comes from the insecurities of wanting to chase my dreams and voices telling me no. Playing the part of a dancing chicken for someone came to mind.

      Thanks for reading this and stopping by, Barb.

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