Who Said The Word Snow? I’m Coming To Find You…

I’m quite upset this morning, don’t you see?

We were supposed to wake up screaming something like, “IT’S SNOWING!”

They let us know 19 hours too early, that school would be canceled today without thinking.

Whoopie! I’ll spend my day writing and baking. It’s just the weather to write of love-making.

I’ll keep the kettle hot for coffee, cocoa and tea, all the while children watch something on T.V.

No, I’m not up North and I haven’t moved back to the middle of this country.

You see, we’re still down here in cowboy country, but the snow apparently isn’t coming.

Texas had a winter warning, snow and ice it seemed, and me without my equipment for sledding.

I guess we’ll read and eat those muffins over there cooling.

Yes, eat them all day long, it seems.

We won’t get out of our jammies, I don’t care what you think.

Who closes school for a snow day 19 hours too early?

That would be Texas, we don’t have the road clearing means…

But please, wait until you see something happening.

Today, life was canceled for snow and ice.

I have two confused children who await explaining!


39 thoughts on “Who Said The Word Snow? I’m Coming To Find You…

  1. Ah! I can tell we live in different climates – there you are looking forward to snow and here I am praying it goes away! Sorry you didn’t get any. Enjoyed this though…. well written and great flow.

    Also – nice blog makeover! It’s been a little bit since I visited!

    • No snow yet, mostly bits of frozen rain. Still holding out that we’ll wake up tomorrow with a bit. Yes, south Texas doesn’t see much snow. My family up north is just as over the snow as you seem to be, Louise. Be strong!! 😉

      Thank you! I think I’m happy with it. I hope people can find their way around. I worry a bit, but it should be okay. I’m so glad you came by to say Hi.

  2. Sorry you didn’t get your snow… 🙂 Your post was great – reminded me of a Dr. Seuss book!
    You’ve got some amazing talent going for you, red head!
    Hope you had a great day … stay safe…. and warm!

  3. We got our second snow in a week (and the day after the last one it was in the 60’s). Who’s playing darts with the weather? At least Mickie Dees will still be selling those happy meals… 🙂

    • So you got our snow. The last three days here have been in the 60’s. It was really hard to get on board with the idea that a winter wonderland was coming. I had my doubts. Seriously, darts isn’t their game.

      LOL…is this what it has come to, Chris? You and I exchanging McDonalds references? 🙂 I’ll take it! 😆

      Mickie Dees will not being seeing us today. It’s the principle behind the snow day…I just can’t leave. No matter how many good words I’d be potentially losing. 😀

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