15 Tips for Writing Poetry

My friend, Jacqui, gives solid advice on writing every day on her site, Worddreams. Her tips, as an editor and accomplished author, have often helped me strengthen my writing. I’m humbled with her mention of my poetry today and during April’s National Poetry Month. Her gift this morning brings a shine to my eyes and fuel to my journey. Thank you, Jacqui. ♡

poetry 2Poetry is not something I’m good at writing so I enjoy it vicariously through online friends like Audrey Dawn of Oldest Daughter and Red-headed Sister. I’ve been following her for several years and always find her poetry startlingly personal, quick peeks into a world ruled by emotion and heart. I’m way to structured for that so only enjoy it through someone else’s eyes.

To honor April’s National Poetry Month, here are fifteen tips from those who have no trouble delivering this concise-but-pithy form of writing:

  • avoid cliches. Too often, they are unoriginal thoughts on a subject. Instead of using these pre-packaged descriptions, create your own. For example: Instead of

Hard as nails


Hard as _____________________

  • rhyme with caution. It can become singsong. Beginners are (surprisingly) more likely to find success with free verse.
  • describe something or someone–no plot necessary. Unless you’re writing Narrative Poetry or an epic…

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Brace Yourselves…She’s Feeling Chatty


One of my favorite guys, Mr. Mark Bialczak of What Will I Write About Next, used the sneak approach to get me to accept the Liebster Award he offered out a few weeks ago. How’d he do it? He asked the right questions.

I admit to being caught off guard by Mark’s nod in my direction, but I have no good explanation as to why. You see, we talk weekly via our blog posts and quite rightly enjoy each other’s company, so it shouldn’t have been such a shock. How did we meet? I can’t remember, but we bonded a year ago over nicknames. He likes using them and so do I.

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Seasons Of You


The blues set in
I cry, weeping into the abyss
Why, oh why, won’t you come close
What I did was never discussed
Maybe you’ve decided, I’m not good enough
Spring blooms
I feel refreshed and new
Believing, I’m finally over missing you
Accepting, our fate, you for who you are
Me for always having been too late
Images of what could be, consuming
Summer arrives
My body sizzles as I get lost
Alive with your scent on mine
Longing to fulfill desires
Your name boldly rushing within my veins
Water over takes, I feel your waves
Fall begins
Brown sets in
A final call for you to arrive
This feeling of love held deep inside
I want, I need, I must, yet, distrust
Your promises falling through, I need you

Yuan-fen 缘分

For my friend, Randall, the Oregon Cowboy, one man in pursuit of his 缘分 (yuan-fen). My hope is that I have a small piece of you, Randall, figured out. My prayer will be safe travels for you always in China. May you find all that your heart and hard work are leading you towards. Take this poem and make it yours.
~ Audrey

Craving emotion found in poetry
You found me
You’ve seen my soul
Now, let me see yours
I’d love to know
What joy is found in yuan-fen 缘分
Small town boy

You’ve caught my attention, my passion
Yuan-fen links destiny and action
Devine thoughts, Oregon cowboy
Your mind awaits fate’s reaction
Could these two dance, forever after
I understand, pre-ordained
The life we have been given

I too, seek reaction
A constant flow
You say destiny waits on me
The answers, humanity holds
You’re reaction waits on you, too
Humanity needs a push
How about you

What are we left to conclude
Choose to take
Offer to forgo
The path defined by yuan-fen 缘分
Yuan 缘 pulls two souls together
Fen 分 the depths of hard work
A journey of enlightenment

A cowboy with a camera
Traveler, who are you
Moving towards self discovery
Mighty diligence of pursuits
A heart similar to mine

The great unknown
Alive, yet hidden in mystery
Trust without fear
Bravery, you inspire me
Are you comfortable with your soul
Leading through such amazing photos

A fated life worth the work
Deeper than simplicities
Choices never ending
Our object of selection
Must be proven by our path
Says your ancient Chinese, yuan-fen symbols
We must relax

You have it all figured out, Photographer
Philosopher, owner of an extraordinary mind
Own it
Believe it
Sell it to me straight
Impressive expression, solo rider

Your art, like mine,
Quite a solitary life
Single soulful being,
In the pursuit of a dream
Yuan-fen your motivator
Karma, your powerful stream
Photographer, you help me to believe

Just So We’re Clear

Oldest Daughter


Red Headed Sister

Closed Off

Inspite of it all? Redeemed. We’re all of these, right?

May have to add to these on and off throughout my journey.


I grew up taking care
soothing pains
of those who suffered.
Who taught me?
Two sisters, brother,
mother and a father.
Oldest Daughter
fights for all.
Redheaded sister
hugs when they fall.
Don’t tell me
I’m vain,
or bloody insane.
The poetry
I write
is of happiness,
often healing me
at the end
of my day.
I tend to
women’s tears,
when there’s no
money for simplicities.
I feed children
with no lunches,
after mothers
have forgotten.
I fix worn out clothes,
even when I don’t know how.
Trust me, these people
I know;
live in my heart.
I’m not
what your
eyes see,
my poetry,
an escape for me.
I write of love
hoping to create it
for all those who
are denied.
Yes, I admit, it helps me too.
Am I confident?
Yes, I cannot help
this part of me.
Take it or leave it.
Maybe, just let me be me.
I know suffering
I feel it everyday
humanity is
my sibling,
my child,
my sister,
my friend,
my brother,
and my end.
I will go to my grave
trying to save them all.
I’m allowing you
to catch me when I fall.
Look me in the eye
when you’re looking
for a fight.
This girl will react.
I just might…

Happy Valentine’s Day

The day is here and the end of my love poems. I enjoyed finding a way to express love in many forms. I’m leaving you with my thoughts today. A romantic will always live in my heart, but these feelings can wear a girl out. Is only one day needed to express yourself? No, I don’t believe so. Valentine’s Day really doesn’t do it for me, but this…this does:


Fresh flowers in a vase, no.
I’d rather a chance to smell your cologne.
Stand close to me.

Red candles to illuminate the dark, no.
I prefer your honesty and trust to shepherd.
Lead me.

Sweet chocolate on my lips, no.
I’d rather your thoughts and dreams pouring to soothe me.
Show me.

An array of jewels for my body, no.
I prefer deep notes which sing to me of your soul and rob me of my fears.
Stay with me.

Expensive toys to keep up with, no.
I’ll take a secluded journey and your adventurous spirit to guide me.
Take me.

Who you are and want us to be is all I’ll ever need.

Valentine Kiss

Come closer, true love
Let these hands linger
Allow them the sides of your face
Stubble, smooth sliding down
Coming up, rough pleasures
Fingers slowly walking
Close your eyes, my dear
The softest of skin found on your lids
Feel this cool touch, a satisfied trace
Your eyes gather charming colors
Wonderment of thoughts inside you
Fingers journey to your temples
Rub a sliver of the pain away
Relax, these hands love you
Relieved to feel your hair so soft
Twisting smells of you float within
Between all fingers, anticipating
Desires awaken, hair pulled too tight
Lean in, surrender your lips
Soft and supple, manly enough
Just what a woman wants
Predestined connection fulfilled
First kiss or last pay no mind
It’s all she’s craved today
Nothing else truly matters
Oh, Valentine

New Love

*For my grandfather who is 80+ and living to date another day. He is unstoppable even after outliving two wonderful wives.*

Love sick poetry
They thought he’d never see the day
Oh, Puppy Love how could you do him this way
Isn’t he far past such a feeling
Imagine what he’s been dreaming

Drawing hearts, ribbons and bows
Maybe her name inside his prose
Giddy with laughter
Everyone shaking their heads

What will we do with him they all said
They have no idea what to think
Putting away the romance novels, this guy is in deep
It’s honest, it’s true
Love after 60 can happen even for you

Dr. Ditty



Hey ditty ditty
Auddie went into the city
To see if Dr. Cutie
Could heal her throat
A shot she would need
Bend over, if you please
Revealed her hip bone, shyly
Hey watch it, Dr. Cutie
That’s my entire bootie!
His red beard seemed blushing
Aud figured he was paid handsomely
Another day at the office for Doc
Another shy girl left blushing

My Heart

Feel that?
That’s my heart!
Hear that?
That’s my heart!
Sense that?
That’s my heart!
Love that?
That’s my heart!
Want that?
That’s my heart!

Hearts are a beautiful mess
Remember use heed with mine
This heart demands too much
Push all those feelings back
Run quickly the other way
My heart has been betrayed
Couldn’t possibly love again
Frozen often remembering
Lessons of yesterday learned
Day at a time – a prison to serve

Seeing You

Although I’ve never met you
I see your beautiful body
Shoulders back
Walking proudly
I can’t help but write you
Always fresh and in a different form
I see right through my lines
The exact moment when he becomes you and she becomes me
A writers weakness is fulfillment of the mind
Do we have a choice of who it will be
I have a feeling that the answer is no; not even a maybe