Push Me

Push Me!
Demand, I push you back
Open Me Up!
Force, my feelings out
Hold my arms down
Seize my eyes, as they attack yours

Feel it?
Feel that powerful tension
Don’t turn away
I need you to stay

Letting me win
Well, that’s often his way

Push Me, my whispered plea
Make me push you back
Open Me Up, I silently beg
Force my lack of feelings out


18 thoughts on “Push Me

  1. I have reread what I would like to post here in your comments…
    My mind says… ‘better if you don’t’…
    But we both know that I will listen to my heart instead…
    Delete me if you must…

    I seized your eyes in their attack
    I’ve tempted you to push me back
    Let flow on me what needs release
    And give your heart… your love… some peace

    I have heard your whispered pleas
    And pushed you hard to set you free
    I’ve opened you in white… in black
    But have you heart… to push me back


  2. Reminds me of Rocky–one in that series, where he had to be beat up to a point before he ‘pushed back’. Americans in general are like that. We’re pretty easy going, until a line is crossed.

  3. This is really powerful, Audrey. Not sure what you had in mind when you wrote it, but I flashed on the old Edward Albee play, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe,” and the problematic relationship between the main characters, Martha and George. If you’ve seen the play or the movie, you’ll recall that Martha often battled George ferociously in an attempt to stir his emotions, and in an attempt to stir her own.

    • Thank you, Kate. I love that my words took you to that play. I know it well. I’m not a sharer or open about what I need from others. Sometimes I want everyone around me to not be okay with that, if that makes sense. Me, stubborn, indeed. A push back is a wonderdul feeling in a world where there is none.

      Hugs!! 🙂

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