Her Curtain Falls

The door opened.
The door closed.
Arms open, grasping the wall
A thankful breath for survival
Fleeting bedroom route taken
Wandering towards her dresser
One by one earings separated
Body scrutinized in the mirror
Precarious eyes fall from witness

Craggy fingers skim about her neck
Tension felt to her toes
Shivers absolute over her body
His creation, she weakens
Leaning into him enduringly
His whispered presence declared:

You’re mine now, my stifled one
The merciless day is over…

Pins slowly removed
Curls allowed to be free
Cascading her curves
Gathering auburn ringlets
Spawns gentle smelling
A zipper stream composes
Her dress long forgotten
His tone used to rouse her:

Take off the passable mask
Come to me, my dark one

Turning through aphonic moaning
Delighted to see her dreaming one
She weeps:

Help me discount this cruel world, my love
Draw our bath
Combine two minds
Make me laugh
But, first, just lie back

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