I Remember You

I listen to the rain outside; I think of you
Why now do I choose to remember
I miss the rain…Maybe I miss you.

A sad tune; takes me back
You should have kept that song
I need sadness…Maybe I need you.

Ears full of every song you’ve written
They quite rightly send me to you
I hear your melody…Maybe I hear you.

Your voice takes me back to that night
Strong hands play. I drift away
I wait for memories…Maybe I wait for you.

Your artistic mind allows for comfort
Today you will be my place to dwell
I wish for comfort…Maybe I wish for you.

Play our favorite notes: The deep ones
Allow my soul to sing
I can sing…Maybe I can sing for you.

That night you taught me how to play
Your arms wrapped around my body
I played for you…Maybe I taught you.

Feeling safe, free and secure; my speed
You encouraged my path beautifully
I remember it…Maybe I remember you.


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