Solemn Battle

Written for Professor VJ Duke, the keeper of The Punchy Lands!
He's a constant supporter of mine. I hold him quite dear.
Read of his Punchies , his land is captivating.
The professor commanded me to write of swords.
I confessed that swords and I had no history.
I insisted I wouldn't know how.
Then Jolly Holiday happened just before Christmas,
I wrote of my experience and then created this,
my first published sonnet, a lyric piece of dramatic poetry.
Thank you, Duke. Thanks for pushing me to write of swords,
I would have never known of the therapeutic release otherwise, my friend.


Slumped shoulders proved to me that you were about to let him win…

Come on!
Get up and fight!
The war in your mind is still raging 
Snuff out the voices which keep you down
Show me you have the will to kill

Show your battle arms and let the scars open
Stand tall against his approach, do you hear
Dead in the eyes the only way to abdicate him
Remember, diverted eyes can show your fear

Your trusted hand which tightly anchors the hilt
Thrust that sword through the air
Make contact early and release any guilt
The awaited battle ensues, you'll take that dare

Step Back!
Let him show his wounds, see what it proves
Warm blood, let them all have a view
Oh! Claret upholds your technique
Nay, he didn't have a clue

Veer left, yes again and proper
You wear the armor of a Knight
Keep revealing the ante of war 
Show him your quick and mighty flight

He'll take you further, no doubt
Sword drawn, go at him again
He desires a severed conclusion
Eternally, your life not his to end

Yes, towards his sword, Anon!
Do not take your eyes off him
This is your archaic dream
Shan't let him win

Quick! Quick!
Force him to back up!

Now Charge!
Right hand push forward
Oh! Come around - chase him down
No, didn't see that side either
He found a piece of you, this is fear

Get Up!
Make it fast he'll charge your weakness
Remove your hand of your side, center yourself
He's back with full vengeance
Recovery, yes, that's the plan

Your determination to end him
Feel the pressure as the sword slides in
Fight to end his creation and all consumes
Make him pay for perpetrating you

Speak of triumphing words
Remind him of the joy you'll feel
While ending this tiresome battle 
Oh Please, believe in supremacy still

As he slowly approaches you again
Taunting with smiles employed by evil
Remember, you fight for good
Defeating him: the conquest of all brave men

He'll sense any admittance of shortcomings
Qualify all beliefs, the end is near
Center your sword, Wise One
Prove to him nevermore in error

To the voice inside your cunning belfry
You mustn't ignore the wicked one
He's there to keep you justly alive
You'll toss him out after the battle is done

For him, he's calculating
His timing will be perfect, it seems
Sadly, his sword just as mighty
Yet, powered by all evil deeds

Not too soon, this fight is yours to win
You can't allow for mistakes this night
Keep your grip strong, your mind sharp
Recall, the moral Ninja in this fight

The feet which want to go advancing
Your timing is all you have
Sun setting, this match predestined
Phantoms of happily ever after awaken

Right, left, right!
Charge forward, Warrior
Use the hands on your blade, gather the battler
Pull the darkness towards you

Spin your wrist, force his sword away
Did you see him fronting near the end
Evil lost his footing, gain the ground which separates
Finish him!

Pull that sword back
Cease the fight, attack!
Slice life from him, left to right
Exactly what you wanted, true? To end him?

Didn't you see?
Your sword played wickedly
Skill pulled the sword from his hands
End this battle just as we planned

Just Believe!
He's left unarmed, your chance to be free
Your eyes stay connected, questioning him urgently
To see your sword drawn so violently
Then to watch you walk away, Amazing

That's Right!
I like that smile
You know you've won, why end him at all
There's nothing he could have done
The power between your shoulders
Well, it has only just begun 


What are you doing
How is it that you're carving
Something into that tree

How Interesting!
You're using your sword
caressing the golden award winning beast
The tip seems to be carving brilliantly

A Ring?
Is it true!
You finished it rather quickly, 'twas said to you
Mesmerizing to watch the katana now so clean
Sword takes an About-face to your protective side now clinging

Upon closer inspection, as you wait for my opinion
I pull out my ink, simple letters to be appended
Amidst the ring a simple phrase created - WORD!

I ruffle your hair and replace my pen.
Let's get on with it then.

(By golly, I think she's done it.)

13 thoughts on “Solemn Battle

  1. Nicely done. It brings to mind ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’–a poem I love about the nature of battle.

    I have a couple of swords. They are part of my children’s training in martial arts. My perception of them (and Shaolin Kempo) is defensive. There when needed to protect, but misused if employed to attack. The question I never have had to answer is: How far would I go to protect my family? Don’t know…


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