there’s a shift recognized
goes unseen by most
a voice goes from commanding
to the whisper of a ghost.

rejection so subtle
goes unseen by most
a presence longed for
hidden now, door closed.


17 thoughts on “Identification

  1. Like the message in this one and the way you conveyed it, Audrey D. It’s true, I think, any communication can be a link, not just the positive ones, but disagreement and anger. The subtle distance, as if the other does not exist, is perhaps even sadder.


    • So it does, and I’m blown away by your understanding. You humble me, Shari. Sometimes being so intuitive can be heartbreaking when love is what we feel. Takes time to realize action can replace a few words in the end. Gosh this was a tough one to write and then share, but I’m glad its here. Nothing hidden even if the poem’s meaning lives deep within me.
      Thank you for reading.


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