The She in Me

Being Mommy today
I feel my soul opening
Flying free
A day full of smells and

Music flows free, I allow it to
Change me
Bring out the girl who
Hides away,
Heavy pressure of living
Correct decisions,
Oh how they haunt me,
Torture of their

Yet, for a little while
She sings while she cleans
Whispers prayers in and out
Each room,
Chases his shadow which
Illuminates her day,
To feel the touch of
What will
Be, giggling.

Tending to my family
No matter how small,
Thoughts if maybe –
It could grow,
To include two.
A little more in the pot,
Whether food,
Brilliant flowers, or
I sense desire for it all.

Mid-morning, sun blinking
Soft summer rain ends
In a slow patter,
Good morning, to you.


Thank you for supporting the poetry I share. Please keep in mind each emotion you sense I’ve felt whether for five minutes or 5 years.

I continue to believe not every poem I write is for me. The possibility of it being for you through me is still my reality and belief.

Today I get to be Mommy all day. It has been two months since I’ve been her without life’s distraction – some of it is gorgeous infatuation (a poem there – if I can get to it.). A spoiling of smiles.

I miss y’all.

Sending my love,



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