A Little’s Voice

he shows me beauty
concerned with
knows I like pretty
unaware of his own brilliance
music to dance to
and a faith reaching
and he’s meant for someone else,
my fear


17 thoughts on “A Little’s Voice

  1. Beautiful words of longing, Audrey, and someday he’ll find you and he won’t let you go. ❀
    p.s. when I was younger, I realized that love wasn’t going to come if I were looking for it. Instead, it came out of the blue, totally unexpectedly. πŸ™‚


  2. Uncertainty can tear at us, but what can’t tear at you or diminish you, Audrey, is doubting your ability to express meaningfully, that you have in abundance,
    Always with love



    • I promise you, jf, I’m expressing my thoughts here as clearly as I can. Each time another wall breaks down. My writing, the expression I feel so strongly about, is one I’m proud of – something y’all have supported for a long time. I am grateful and humbled by the love.

      You’re a good man, jf.
      β™‘ Thank you


  3. It’s so hard to watch the rest of the world when you think everyone else is in love with everyone else and you’ve been left out. But I guarantee, that special someone is out there for you. You just haven’t connected – yet.


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