it’s how you sound
in your constant
here I am,
I’m not leaving
lap of consistency,
that turns me into
a believer.
even the glisten within
total darkness proves
you are you,
as swirls reach out
to touch me,
to quench.
I won’t miss the doubt,
or the hiding.
complete submersion
into you,


24 thoughts on “Submersion

  1. This is beautiful Aud, a testimony to the perfection that life can offer us ~ even if for only a second or two a day. “complete submersion into you, heals.” It is the way it should be for everything: love, life, every piece of every day: submerge yourself.


  2. Great image Audrey. I couldn’t shake the possibility you were talking about a pool filled with Gin and Tonic. (I know you weren’t. It’s just what I would find healing about complete submersion.


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