it’s how you sound
in your constant
here I am,
I’m not leaving
lap of consistency,
that turns me into
a believer.
even the glisten within
total darkness proves
you are you,
as swirls reach out
to touch me,
to quench.
I won’t miss the doubt,
or the hiding.
complete submersion
into you,


For You Only, Love

your presence flows
through sensually,
nourishing, like Water
to a young flower,
if only you could
see how good you are
for my soul,
you’d never leave
and become eternally lost
in leaving your mark,
within me, while
devouring my
and pleasing spirit,
one I surrender with joy,
for you, only.

Madam Deliquesce

I am still
cerulean water,
born of dawn’s
with my ability
to move ferocious,
I can feel you
surround me.
Breath on my neck,
slight pressure
upon my shoulder blades
as my body bends
I defy self-control
and react
internally, your
presence caressing,
my ache aglow.
I’m left to attempt,
waves lapping,
instead of
the embodiment
of quaver. This
my transformation
into deliquesce.