My Discovery


So, appearing simple,
And fated months before,
I, fearless cragswoman,
Listened to my inner voice.
Knowing when I entered,
Hessie’s Trailhead,
I’d consider life’s possibilities,
Determine my future goals,
Pass through time’s memories.
Not realizing I’d feel your essence,
Beneath a canopy of discovery,
I’ve held back, cowardly,
Yet to fully disclose, findings.
Now, if I don’t take you inside,
I fear, I’ll lose you,
To the calls of regret,
Maybe, to fear.


53 thoughts on “My Discovery

  1. Sometimes we have to walk that trail/path. Having been there, too, all I know is that regret and fear serve me little constructive purpose. I simply choose to leave them at the trailhead and march forward, with my heart open — for hearing and healing. This is a soulful piece, Audrey.


  2. How did I miss this beauty *kicking my bad self* ?! Do go in there alone, Audrey — take a weapon, if you must, or somebody particularly brave. I feel a bit overwhelmed just looking at those dense trees!


    • Thank you! So sweet. It was an evening post…there are times when I try posting a poem at night. Glad you caught it. This particular photo was taken in Colorado this past summer. Sadly, there is nothing this beautiful in Texas. My hikes are flat little pancake walks. A bit of beauty, I suppose. A weapon. Naw. Someone brave? I’d go for that, however. The trees are what call me in…


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