One Who Heals

I, critical of every word chosen
What sort of life is this,
I plead.
Creative soul, release this fear
Living on the edge of me.
Save these poems,
I’ve chosen to share
Don’t allow my retreat,
My eyes reverent and engaged.
Tell me, poet traversing,
Are these words healing you
Or me

My Discovery


So, appearing simple,
And fated months before,
I, fearless cragswoman,
Listened to my inner voice.
Knowing when I entered,
Hessie’s Trailhead,
I’d consider life’s possibilities,
Determine my future goals,
Pass through time’s memories.
Not realizing I’d feel your essence,
Beneath a canopy of discovery,
I’ve held back, cowardly,
Yet to fully disclose, findings.
Now, if I don’t take you inside,
I fear, I’ll lose you,
To the calls of regret,
Maybe, to fear.