Basically, Just Me

I have nothing else to give
Basically, just me
I have nothing worth any consequence
Basically, just me
I have nothing new
Basically, just me
I have nothing
Basically, just me
Too basic? Maybe.
Or too much me?


What I Would Have Shown You

My Discovery


So, appearing simple,
And fated months before,
I, fearless cragswoman,
Listened to my inner voice.
Knowing when I entered,
Hessie’s Trailhead,
I’d consider life’s possibilities,
Determine my future goals,
Pass through time’s memories.
Not realizing I’d feel your essence,
Beneath a canopy of discovery,
I’ve held back, cowardly,
Yet to fully disclose, findings.
Now, if I don’t take you inside,
I fear, I’ll lose you,
To the calls of regret,
Maybe, to fear.