My Mess

essence everywhere
sliding, slowly, before me
found beauty, lifeless
and myself sat searching.
water breaks past roots, stones and debris
flows towards my lense; healing.
Chortles echo in the distance,
oh, one day love will be,
Verdant , my keeper – Forest King
show me where life will lead,
tears dampen this face, and my page,
Colorado heal me,
God, show me grace.



All I keep thinking
is I took you home with me,
from here: my world.
Inside me,
there is a rhythm,
a melody and a presence
I recognize.
Weakening into a strength,
inside this cool air,
allowed me
to breathe, to feel
and be myself.
The quietness,
awakening my core
as I heard the sound of love;
pure devotion, nothing more.
I keep this spirit,
this lead, and confidence,
You’re thriving,
more than simply alive
behind my breasts.
You’re beating continuously,
effortlessly wild,
yet, this isn’t enough.
I belong with you, here.

My Discovery


So, appearing simple,
And fated months before,
I, fearless cragswoman,
Listened to my inner voice.
Knowing when I entered,
Hessie’s Trailhead,
I’d consider life’s possibilities,
Determine my future goals,
Pass through time’s memories.
Not realizing I’d feel your essence,
Beneath a canopy of discovery,
I’ve held back, cowardly,
Yet to fully disclose, findings.
Now, if I don’t take you inside,
I fear, I’ll lose you,
To the calls of regret,
Maybe, to fear.

Call Me Home


Sandy beaches are my home
But, you, my Rocky Mountains
I love and need you the most
My heart, Boulder Canyon owns

Allow me to lose myself in you

Colorado River, strong and bold
It is you I long for each morning
Quench this fight inside me
My desires I want you claiming

Allow me to lose myself in you

Your trees of green remind me
To everything there is a season
Walking through, a true test
My love, without you, life not worth living

Allow me to lose myself in you

Colorado Rockies, my tried-and-true
Powerful force of dominance
I’ve spent my life claiming you
Waiting for you to call me home

Allow me to lose myself in you



Longing for my heart’s home
Keeps me peaceful
A calm destination
My weakened mind’s petition
Striving place for final clarity
A soft place to fall into actualities
Rocky Mountains of supreme force,
Continue to remind.

They never grow taller sadly,
Forever crumble slow.

This I know
Pushing to defy reality;
Show me taller and stronger,
With more reserve.

Rivers flow, a one way road;
Beautiful rivers babble,
Find peace in those.
My river rages far into forever,
Defines devotion

She Waits With Music

“The Theme you play at the start of a number is the territory,

and what comes after, which may have very little to do with it,

is the Adventure!” – Ornette Coleman

She Waits With Music

by: Audrey Dawn

Patrons walked by her.  They paused to take a look, but then chose to move on, often times with a glance back, as if  wondering whether she’d be okay. Yes, it was late and she’d been there awhile listening to the light leftover sounds of the imaginative and free style jazz music coming from Basie’s place. A woman isn’t normally out by herself on a street full of dark alleys; short streets filled with dirty puddles which contain the smells rejected by most. She couldn’t allow herself to go inside the bar.

What if she missed him walking by that corner over there or there. Her eyes drifted side to side. She’d decided that the open air, coupled with waiting close by, would allow her to see each visitor who enjoyed this part of town. This time of night. Ambrosia knew she shouldn’t wait outside alone, yet she’d told herself she’d engage in the hopes of finding him. Continue reading