mesmerized by the continuation,
the sound of hasty waves hypnotic.
wearing my favorite blue jeans,
needy hands stuffed into pockets,
I stand at the epilogue,
frizzy auburn ringlets,
beat at my face,
don’t you feel?
water’s cusp lapping at my toes,
trying to sooth my desires,
unsettled by what never was.
yet, I selfishly beg for you daily.

Longing Like This


Wasn’t the possibilities of your fingers,
Softly interlaced with mine.
It isn’t the irreplaceable thought,
Of receiving your seductive kiss.
Won’t be the yearning dreams,
We cannot make come true.
Just so you may, my love,
Truly understand this poetess,
It is your creative mind,
That will always leave me,
Longing, day and night, 
Like this.

Happy Friday Night, my friends! Enjoy your weekend! ♡♡♡

Love Actually

The last few years
Like a dream
Honestly, Baby
I love that when you’re with me,
You say yes,
To everything
Remember our first movie
I laughed
You wore your boots
John Wayne, Ha!
We didn’t have a clue
I kissed you
When you opted
To shield my eyes
From everything
That cowboy’s demise
A powerful man,
I’d found,
Was suddenly mine
Our walk in the rain
No umbrella in sight
You made jokes about
White t-shirts
I flashed mine
And taunted you,
A bit
Licked my lips
I saw your eyes
Open wide
Thank you
For backing me up
Against that tree
Our eyes
So serious
Your mind
You told me,
It wasn’t easy taking risks
I silenced you with my kiss
Ran my hands through your hair
Pleaded with you
To take me
Right then
Right there
You said no
Much to consider
Not that night, but another
Do you remember
I’m glad we waited
It helped, you know
Taking it slow
The music you chose
Baby, that’s you
Your skin continues to radiate
Keeps my skin tingling
This life we’re leading
Continues beautifully
Thank you for choosing me

Collaboration done with Nitin at This is the female’s version of a story between two people in love. To read the man’s perspective, please visit Nitin’s blog.

I enjoy Nitin’s poetry, immensely. He provides a raw, thoughtful and powerful image no matter the subject. Check his poem out and say hello. Thank you, Nitin. This was the most fun!


Music surrounds
Our shared bed
Wondering minds rest
Upon colorful pillows
Your hand on my hip
Calming me
Mine on your chest
Your heart humming
Eyes intertwined
Tell me more
A wish of mine
How does music help you
Do you feel this beat, too
Eyes flutter
Blood flows
The music takes us
Where we want to go
I wake up longing