Longing Melody


Do you suppose…
If I wait long enough
Missing you will change
The melody of my heartbeat
Back to the noise, I understand


42 thoughts on “Longing Melody

  1. I am waiting and waiting to hear that “noise”. Miss her badly! And want her even more badly. I suppose I sound like an immature one here but could not resist having to someone with similar feelings!


  2. Wonderful post. To answer the question, I would say that it won’t change, but with time, you’ll be able to better accept it.
    Thanks for sharing it with us. I think all of us have similar feelings hidden inside us.
    Have a beautiful day…

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    • Thank you, Michael. It is a universal feeling of missing someone that I wanted to write about today. The push and pull of wanting to move forward but loving how someone special make us feel. Ugh. I love the layers of love, Michael. Great to have you here and thanks for blessing us with your wisdom. I hope you have a wonderful day, as well. πŸ™‚

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