Cockcrow’s Titian


Alpha radiating across celestial sphere
Exhaling from yesterday’s limitations
Cockcrow’s titian view, illuminated


23 thoughts on “Cockcrow’s Titian

  1. What a brilliant, brilliant line: “Exhaling from yesterday’s limitations”. Have a great night, Mrs. Flirty! I hope you’re ready for Friday. Almost the weekend.

  2. I would say exactly the same as John said “I love what you suggest here and where it takes me”… I absolutely love your second line and the expression ” yesterday’s limitations”! ♥

    • Oh Audrey! You’re too kind, what a wonderful compliment; you know, I think I’m just very sincere (as sincere as you are) in my writings, and it’s the reason why we feel both “on the same wavelenght” much ♥ to you, have a great week-end and by the way, I hope your father is well.

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