The Greatest Man


Everything you stand for,
Each word you’ve ever said,
The strength I feel around you,
All the valuable beliefs you’ve expressed,
Only push me to love you more,
Wishing I needed you a little less.


174 thoughts on “The Greatest Man

    • I don’t know about greatest, but it is my new favorite. I wrote it knowing he wouldn’t see it. After the phone call and hearing he wasn’t interested in being in a hospital or accepting treatment, I wrote. I began wondering how I let him go and allow him his own choices, all the while knowing how hard it would be for me to lose my father. Perhaps, wishing I needed him less would have helped. Relieved that we don’t have to worry about it now. Old stubborn cowboys rarely cry, but I love the idea of this poem making him do so. I’ll never know. I’m glad you saw this poem, Dalo, and that you thought it was okay. Have a great week. I’ll have some new poems up in no time. Sorry to keep you waiting… 😉 ♡


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