Take a hint, Lady!
When will she ever learn?
Evidence seemed simple enough,
the airwaves were quiet;
he’d gone away:
the man knew what he wanted – she wasn’t her.


29 thoughts on “Duh.

  1. Hey there, Aud ~ such a long time since I’ve seen your work and I arrive to see this beautifully sad piece of work. The brilliance of this lies within the meaning of these words, “the man knew what he wanted – she wasn’t her” which I would guess every man and woman has experienced at least once. Painful, but also the chill of life which reminds us we are living πŸ™‚ Most important, how are you and your family doing these days? Staying healthy and with that happy I hope. Take care, Audacious, and see you in my dreams πŸ™‚


    • Hello, dear Mr. Collis. Our exchange of thought and words have gone far too long between moments. I hope you are well. My nearly two grown children are happy and healthy, as am I. I celebrated one’s graduation and am currently riding the slope to another. Life was extremely busy. My writing suffered, but my family needed me.
      My Photographer Philosopher Extraordinaire, you continue to inspire me with your dreamy expectation. I pray you and yours are well, your travels have not been effected too badly by recent events and you’ve found your smile most days.
      I adore hearing from you.


  2. I instantly dislike anyone who would hurt you. I instantly distrust anyone who could not see you. I look forward to the poem that tells me that the vacancy has been filled by the one who has been waiting for you all their life.


  3. Oh, heartbreaking, Audrey, but I think most of us have walked in these uncomfortable shoes. And I have ignored many signs in the past. They were flung right in front of my face and I still turned the other way to the the blue sky I chose to see. πŸ™‚ ❀

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