(He) Sounds Of Nature

your glow is more of a tone
and upon me
your hold is mounting.
I shiver as you enter,
your rumble a possession
of what my soul is lacking
and I beg you, come.

As the cardinal calls, ” Here. Here. Here.” Over and over again until I stop and look up into the tree and we connect.

This I get and the pleasure is indescribable.


16 thoughts on “(He) Sounds Of Nature

  1. Those beautiful connections with nature ~ and such a regal redhead as a cardinal to match, what a great feeling you write about: “your rumble a possession, of what my soul is lacking, and I beg you, come.” We all beg you to come back and write again soon πŸ™‚
    Take care, Aud, and hope the coming autumn will be a great one for you.


  2. I’ve got TWO mama robins nesting where the downspouts meet the house, Audrey — it’s going to be magical when the babies arrive! Glad you’re finding some of nature’s beauty over your way.


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